About Us

How does a durian grow? Do watermelons creep on the ground or grow on trees? What is the process of cultivating ladies’ fingers and eggplants before they end up neatly on supermarket shelves?

There’s a place called The Acacia

Apart from sharing your life and bunking with everything natural surrounding you, we’ve also made it our striving mantra to equip your serene holiday amongst a farmland choke full of durian and mangosteen trees, selected seasonal crops, vegetables and numerous varieties of wild trees.
Your vacation life here grows seamlessly in unison with your natural curiosities.
The landscape is desirably unique; it specifically caters to the larger environment connecting to the essence of your very being. As a precious guest, you’re not restricted to the boundless beauties offered – from jungle trekking at dawn to privileged lush green sightseeing and much, much more.
The Acacia is utterly secluded, away from the bombardment of stress and the never ending echoes of frenzied living.
It’s a safe house where you can hide and unwind whilst creating an album of fascinating memories.