The Acacia

There’s a place called The Acacia Retreat, a resort in Bentong on the edge of the Krua Wildlife Reserve in Malaysia, some 46 km from Kuala Lumpur.

It’s a part of the world that encourages you to get back to basics; as children and adults alike spend lesser hours outdoors preferring to be huddled with their hi-tech gadgets and computers, we reverse this on a 360-degree scale.

Outdoor recreation promotes wholesome physical development. Explore the acres of green environment, develop your muscle strength and coordination and gain self-confidence – that’s the miracle of being nature’s best buddy.

Here, find all of your favourite pastimes of the bygone era resurrected to life – games and sports inherited and passed down generations of descendants to those of the 21st century.

Rise with the sun, frolic with nature and set with the moon.


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If you're seeking character as well as comfort during your visit to Kampong Chegar, stay at The Acacia! The Acacia’s smartly designed rooms and suites combine modern and traditional design including some unique and quirky rooms you just won’t find anywhere else! Set amongst lakes and forests surrounded by Mother Nature, all our rooms have amazing views and there is so much space to feel at peace, rejuvenate and play.

Facilities & Services

Whether you’re seeking great food and drink, a greenery place, and family friendly activities, The Acacia offers it all.

Dining (For Groups and advance order required)

The Acacia Restaurant & Café

Wood is a main theme of the interior design at The Acacia Restaurant & Café. Consistent with the green and wooden theme on the ground floor, the café’s chairs, tables and wall décor are made from recycled wood and spare planks. The masterpiece of the café is the “feature wall,” made entirely from recycled wood pieces.

We offer great food and atmosphere with plenty of options. Rice, vegetables, fish and fresh herbs and spices are essential elements for local Malaysian authentic cuisine. Turmeric, which has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, are often included in lists of so-called "super foods". The attractiveness of the food, the richness of the flavours and the emphasis in communal enjoyment of the meal make dining an experience that should not be missed.

Currently serving daily set/buffet breakfast only. 

Advance order required for group meals.


At Acacia we go back to basics, and encourage guests to leave behind their electronic gadgets and come together to enjoy outdoor recreation and wholesome activities in our wonderful natural environment.

About Us

How does a durian grow? Do watermelons creep on the ground or grow on trees? What is the process of cultivating ladies’ fingers and eggplants before they end up neatly on supermarket shelves?

There’s a place called The Acacia

Apart from sharing your life and bunking with everything natural surrounding you, we’ve also made it our striving mantra to equip your serene holiday amongst a farmland choke full of durian and mangosteen trees, selected seasonal crops, vegetables and numerous varieties of wild trees.
Your vacation life here grows seamlessly in unison with your natural curiosities.
The landscape is desirably unique; it specifically caters to the larger environment connecting to the essence of your very being. As a precious guest, you’re not restricted to the boundless beauties offered – from jungle trekking at dawn to privileged lush green sightseeing and much, much more.
The Acacia is utterly secluded, away from the bombardment of stress and the never ending echoes of frenzied living.
It’s a safe house where you can hide and unwind whilst creating an album of fascinating memories.


The Acacia Retreat is a nature lovers’ paradise set in the lush landscapes of Bentong, 46 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur. Set alongside Sungai Bentong stream our 11 acre site featuring numerous lakes and a manmade waterfall, our resort is a true escape from the city. 

Nearby Attractions

Home Made Ice Cream
This is a family-run business that makes their own ice-cream with real ingredients. The ice-cream does not have any artificial sweetness or brand name ice-creams, and is not as creamy as gelatos. The flavours just pop on your tongue! The decor is typical Malaysian-style coffee shop, but the service was top notch! 
Location: Kow Po Coffee Shop, Bentong.  No 2, Bentong Heights, 28700 Bentong, Pahang

Chamang Waterfall
If you have transport, some free time on your hands and a desire to leave the hustle and bustle of city living behind, then this place is well worth a visit.
Location: 28700 Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia

Morning Market for Famous Bentong Ginger and Beancurd
The 2-storey market have stalls selling vegetable, fruits, meat and other daily necessities on the ground floor while the top floor has a food court.

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